20-Minute Gentle Qi Gong Exercise Routine for Seniors – Seated or Standing

Qi Gong is known as the art of preventing disease and prolonging life.

This simple, easy-to-follow Qi Gong routine for seniors will help you energize your body naturally. Whether you need to sit or stand, you can do this routine!

You can do movements that are healthy, clear stress, and replenish your life-force energy.

One of the first movements you’ll learn is what’s called “Oiling the Joints.” This movement is great for loosening up your joints if they feel locked up, stiff, or painful.

If you’d like to learn more safe and gentle exercises to boost longevity, improve your energy, and increase strength and balance, we invite you to attend. You don’t even have to leave your living room.

With Qi Gong, you’ll learn:

– Gentle, easy-to-follow movements to support longevity so you can maintain your inner radiance and age with grace.

– Simple stretches to improve your flexibility and balance so you can protect yourself against nasty falls, accidents, and get out of pain FAST. Use these stretches first thing in the morning when you start your day, and before you sleep at night or anytime pain flares up.

– A range of movements, stretches, and exercises you can combine to create the perfect flow for YOU and your body. When it comes to finding the right exercise for you, Lee says, “No pain. No pain.” Meaning, the movements should be effortless, enjoyable, and energizing.

– How to improve range of motion. Your range of motion naturally decreases over time, but you can learn to bend, twist, and stretch free from pain once again using the movements from the workshop.

– How to release stagnant Qi from stiff muscles, joints, and bones so your Qi flows freely once again.

Want to try Qi Gong without leaving your living room?

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