40 minute FUN low impact workout for seniors and beginners

You asked for a longer low impact routine and here you go! Have fun and let’s stay positive and healthy while at home! As always, please consult a doctor before starting any new exercise program.

OH… Also, I wanted to share my favorite exercise mat for seniors with y’all because it’s on sale on Amazon now! I know many of you can’t get to stores right now, so this might be a great time to get one! I love this mat for my seniors because it is really thick, unlike most of the mats out there. As a Physical Therapist, I like these because they are one inch thick, which is so much better for your joints (think wrists and knees when on all fours and spine when on back). It’s also great to use a mat at home instead of the floor/carpet for comfort and hygiene. If you’re interested, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. Take Care! Click link below.

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