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Aging in Place

Aging place is the cognitive definition in which you can describe the moments of pleasure and distress both at the same time when you have the urge to describe the feeling of living at the same place for so long that it feels like you have been connected to that place. You wonder what will happen to the place when you leave it or what will happen to you when you leave it.

The proper definitive measures this term aging in place as the ability to live in a place or your own home where you feel safe, and to have independence with measures of comfort and peace, regardless of age, money, income, and ability level to think and know what you might need for the betterment of your future.

There may be many reasons of aging in place that brings out the very best version of you. The best example of this is of a person who is living on a farm for so long that now he/she might be feeling unattached to the environment. He may be going to live with his children far away from the farm, or he might not find the peace of mind and comfort he has had in the first place while living in that farm he had.

Therefore, many measures of aging in place can be reasons for comfort and distress:

Environmental Factors

The environmental factors vow to have the greatest impact on the mind of a person. However, you can correlate the environmental factors with the term environmental gerontology.

The environmental gerontology states that a person has a greater impact upon himself or herself when it comes to living at such place where he or she has mental comfort, physical comfort, and as well as he or she is happy while living there. It does include the various phenomena of aging terminologies that can correlate with other factors such as the importance of physical environment as well as social environment which tends to include the terms of housing strategies and social culture such as neighborhoods, public places which include community centers and much more, and its implications on the aging in place factors.

This may include many others that people may ignore in the first place to simplify the correspondence of living with their parents. For that, they eliminate the probabilities of their parents’ comfort and health, and they tend to make it their own, which is wrong.

Preferential Factors

The preferential factors tend to include various terminologies that eradicate the situation to such extent as to where the old people want to have a place of their own, and they want it because of so many reasons that no one could ever understand, but they can understand it very well.

For example, a person who is living all his or her life in a home and now has a connection with the place that feels like everything, for the time being – he or she go and live with their children and grandchildren which may be a life-changing time but with time – the older man or woman tends to this feeling that he or she is alone because he or she is not feeling at home.

This is why the preferential factors do have a lot in common when it comes to choosing a place to live while being an old age person.

The preferential factors are the preference of choosing a place to live while having the authentication of comfort, good mental and physical health, and many other factors for a person who is living there for so long.

Ninety percent of the people who have exceeded the age of 65 tend to live at the same place they have been living in because now they are comfortable with the place. They will prefer it over a five-star motel (hotel) or a luxurious apartment their son or daughter has bought for them.

House modifications

Hence, now that we know of preferences and the environmental factors that play a bigger and greater role in one’s life while aging in place takes place. This is the moment where you might take a stand and have some house modifications. This is due to the common factors that the older person of your family has chosen to live in the same place where they have been living for so long, and now it is must for you to take a stand and do some modifications, so they feel more comfortable and secured while living in the place they have been living for all their life.

The modification may include the removal of such furniture and instruments that might be risky and not good for the old age person, addition of new furniture with the same persona of the old one, and the house renovation which may never be as up to the mark as the old one but to have so, you must have the assistance of the older person so they may let you know how they feel about the place and so you can make it possible for them to have comfort, life full of happiness, and help them eliminate the factors of distress, degradation, unloving environment, and anxiety so they can live in peace and comfort.

There may be many other factors related to the term aging in place but when you have the greater ones such as environment and preferential ones – there is no other need to study and urge for more deepness because the most common ones are the ones we have discussed for you. Hence, if you feel that something is missing, you must let us know because for us – the phenomenon of comfort and happiness in an old age person matters a lot than any other thing in the world.

It is our sole duty to return the comfort and happiness our parents have given us all their lives because they did it without the urge of asking it back.

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