Back Exercises For Seniors (Seated) – Simple Lower Back Exercises


Continuing the theme of specific body parts and exercising the back, I decided after making last week’s video to create a completely seated exercise video.

This video will help those who have difficulty getting on and off the floor.

This is a 12 minute routine.

Exercise: 1: Shoulder rolls x 10
Exercise 2: Spine Extension/Flexion Stretch x 2
Exercise 3: Side Bends x 2 each side
Exercise 4: Hamstring stretch – 30 seconds each side
Exercise 5: Buttocks stretch – 30 seconds each side
Exercise 6: Spinal Rotations x 5 each side
Exercise 7: Cat Stretch x 2 – 5 second holds
Exercise 8: Seated Lumbar extension – 30 seconds

(To get straight into the exercise go to 48 seconds).

Enjoy the exercise and let me know how you go and ask any questions, any time!

Stay Moving and Have Fun! 🙂

– Mike

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