Full Length Gentle Yoga Class Vol. 3 – for beginners & seniors

Dear Yogis!

Welcome to Gentle Yoga Vol. 3, our yoga series that is perfect for seniors, beginners or just those looking for a gentle yoga class! I have added a couple of challenging poses to this installment, but if you feel like you are not quite ready to go there I have alternatives.

First, I added “pigeon pose.” If you find this to be challenging, you can do the modified version of the pose which will show up in a box on the right hand corner of your screen. To do the pose simply lie down on your back, cross your right ankle of the left knee, then bring your right hand in between the crossed legs and hold on the back of the left knee with both hands. Then gently pull the knee in toward your face. This is the modified pigeon and is giving you the similar stretch as the original pigeon. When you are done, switch sides.

Second, I added “shoulder stand.” If you find this to be challenging, please go back to the modified “legs up the wall” that we did on the block in Vol. 2. In case you don’t recall, just take your block, place it under the sacrum and then slowly lift the legs into the air. Voila!

Have a great class!

Shelley Nicole

About this Video:
Volume 3 of The Mat Project’s full length gentle yoga series with Shelley Nicole, with a few new poses this time. Still perfect for beginners, seniors or those of you coming back to Yoga or looking for a gentle practice. All you’ll need is a mat.

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Taught By:
Shelley Nicole from Sovereign Hands Yoga, follow Shelley at:
Our talented friend and teacher Shelley Nicole is launching her own yoga channel on Youtube. She’ll be bringing you live yoga videos once she hits 1000 subscribers so get over there and subscribe to join her journey!

Music by:
Jeff Judy

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