Full video: Andrew Yang | AARP/Des Moines Register forums (14/17) (7.19.19)

The entrepreneur spoke at the AARP/Des Moines Register Presidential Forum at the Sioux City Convention Center in Sioux City, Iowa, on July 19, 2019.

Read more from Friday’s forum: To control prescription drug costs, government should make generics, presidential candidates say at AARP/Register forum (

And more from Wednesday’s forum:
– How are Hawaiian islands like rural Iowa? A presidential candidate explains (
– Michael Bennet, John Delaney pitch ‘Medicare for All’ alternatives at AARP/Des Moines Register forum (

And more from Tuesday’s forum:
– Kirsten Gillibrand rolls out plan to protect and expand Social Security prior to Iowa forum (
– Ahead of Iowa forum, Kamala Harris releases plan she says would reduce prescription drug costs (
– At Iowa forum, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Juli├ín Castro show the contrasting health care visions in the Democratic field (

And more from Monday’s forum:
– Before Iowa AARP forum, Amy Klobuchar targets Alzheimer’s, rural health care in new policy roll out (
– Cory Booker pledges to help Americans afford long-term care (
– Joe Biden on ‘Medicare for All’: ‘Adding another 300 million people in one fell swoop … Medicare goes away as you know it.’ (

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