Improving Flexibility for Seniors | Dynamic Stretches For Seniors

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I am currently writing a step-by-step guide for regaining flexibility after 60 and in this video, I cover a section on dynamic stretches.

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In this video, we go through some dynamic stretches/mobilisations.

Here is the routine:
Dynamic Stretching Routine:
Shoulder Rolls – Alternate – Forward & Back – alternate 2 x 5
Shoulder Flexions x 5 each side
Elbow Bends x 5
Wrist Circles – Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise 2 x 5
Back of the Neck Touches x 5 Each Side – Alternating
Back of the Lower Back Touches x 5 Each Side – Alternating
Neck and Lower Bad Touches x 10
Hello Morning Stretches x 5
Chest Opening Stretches x 5
Toe Touch Stretches x 5
Adductor Exercises x 5
Knee Extension x 1 Each Side with 5-Second holds
Ankle Circles – Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise
Leg Swings sideways x 5 Each Leg
Leg Swings back and forward x 5 Each Leg
Calf Movements x 10 x Side
Rotations x 5 Each Side
Side Bends x 5 Each Side
Bum Kicks x 10 Each Side

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Do your best and any questions ask below!

– Mike

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