Lower Back Exercises for Seniors – Simple Lumbar Spine Exercises


Welcome back to another weekly exercise video!

I’ve had a fair few requests of late for a video with exercises for the lower back…… So here it is. 😀

This exercise video helps stretch and strengthen muscles surrounding the lumbar spine, and will also help decrease lower back symptoms.

Most these exercises are performed in a lying position, we also do some seated stretches, and a standing stretch. If you have difficulty getting on and off the floor, these exercises can be performed on a firm bed.

Keep in mind, to overcome lower back pain, doing specific lower back exercises are only 1 part of the equation.

We also want to be improving our overall fitness, improving our strength in our core (and also our whole body), improving our posture, eating healthy and decreasing stress. (You can find more in the pain articles at

Exercise: 1: Prone Lumbar Extension (Bent Elbows) – 30 seconds
Exercise 2: Prone Lumbar Extension (Straight Elbows) – 30 seconds
Exercise 3: Cat Stretch – 20 seconds each position
Exercise 4: Glute to Floor Push – 30 seconds
Exercise 5: Glute Bridges x 10
Exercise 6: Glute Medius stretch – 30 seconds each side
Exercise 7: Hamstring stretch – 30 seconds each side
Exercise 8: Standing Lumbar extension – 30 seconds

(To get straight into the exercise go to 1:47).

Enjoy these exercises!!

Do your best with them, let me know how you go and ask any questions, any time!

Stay Active! Stay Happy!

– Mike

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