SENIORS- Cancer Crusaders

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Written and Animated by
James Barkley

James Barkley as James and Ms. Delite
Arthur McConnell as Cubix
Daniel Schiavone as Daniel
Larry Fried as Larry
Natalie Wilde as Crystal
Carole Clark as Carole
and Minuette Getty as Minnie

Guest Starring
Nicholas Coleman as Dave
and Jessica Kanagalingam as Susan

Music by
James Barkley
and David J.D. Quezada

This might just be the hardest thing I’ve ever worked on in my life… screw graduating high school. THIS is my most proud achievement. I’m honestly too tired to write anything else, so I just wanna thank everyone involved in making this 11 minute animation. Seriously, I am so very grateful, and I hope to work with all of you in future episodes.
Also, thank you all for being so patient. I hope to work just as hard if not even harder on future episodes.

And to any meme/.gif creators, I just gave you a window of opportunities with this video. 😉

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