Seniors’ Posture Exercises – Exercises for Seniors – Posture Exercises

Improve your posture with this Seniors’ Posture Exercise Video.

The best exercises to improve your posture.

Maintaining good posture is important for many reasons. Not only will it help you decrease pain, but it will also decrease your chances of falling and improve how you look.

Day in, day out we spend much of our time doing tasks that are at the front of the body such as sitting on the computer, at our desks, ironing, gardening, cooking etc. This means we take up positions that are no good for our posture. Over time, posture changes. This is why it’s important to be doing exercises that stretch and strengthen the right areas, to improve posture and prevent any worsening.

It’s also a great idea to continually have awareness of your posture when doing certain tasks. To do this learn the steps below and put them into action throughout your day!

Check Your Posture – Simple Posture Correction:

1) Sitting up in a chair or standing.
2) Up nice and tall.
3) Bring your shoulders up, back and down.
4) Keep your head up and tuck your chin in.

10 minutes of easy to follow, gentle, posture exercises for seniors!

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