September 25 Stimulus Update: TRUMP Sending $200 CARDS to Millions of Seniors (65+)

In this September 25 stimulus update I go over what we know about the Democrats’ new stimulus bill, Trump’s $200 cards for 33,000,000 American seniors on Medicare, and my daily unemployment update (Lost Wages Assistance). We know that Pelosi wants a stimulus deal — she has said so herself — but I’m not sure if this new $2.4 trillion bill is the way to make it happen with Republicans. Also, an extremely interesting and unforeseen stimulus development is Trump’s new $200 cards for prescription drugs that will be sent to 33,000,000 American seniors — some may call these $200 stimulus checks, but I won’t go that far.

0:00 New Stimulus Bill (House Democrats)
2:30 Trump’s $200 Cards for Seniors (Prescription)
7:46 Unemployment Update

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