Standing Pilates for Seniors- 30 minutes of exercise to Increase Strength, Flexibility & Confidence

This is the follow up to my very popular Standing pilates for Seniors and is a progression of the exercises and the challenges. I’ve added stretches to help increase your flexibility and new and different balance work to increase your strength and confidence. If you haven’t tried the previous Standing Pilates for Seniors I want to encourage you to do that first as this one will be more challenging for the body.

I have taught all these exercises twice weekly to my Senior pilates clients in London whose age range is from 60- 83. You can be younger or older and do this workout, there is something in it for everybody, in fact I have some regular clients in their 40’s and 50’s who really enjoy the style of these classes so the word ‘Senior’ is meant as a guide to the suitability of the exercises and the intensity of the movements. The exercises I have put together for this workout are to ease the general aches & pains in the joints and spine that come with age. I have also added stretches to increase flexibility and range of movement in the joints. There are exercises to help combat loss of strength, coordination and balance that also comes with age, but -and this is important- It doesn’t have to be that way! Doing these exercises regularly will improve strength, flexibility , coordination and I recommend you build up to doing this workout at least two to three times a week. Take your time and do what you can, if anything is too challenging for you right now, don’t worry, just rest and come back and try again when you’re ready. Take care of yourselves.

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