Kitchen modifications for the elderly

It is true that the elderly are weak to some extent and they need care most of the time. however, most of them decide not to stay in the elderly communities, nursing homes or even get assisted within their homes. With that said it does not mean that we should not care about them at all. These are among the vulnerable people and we need to be the first to make them have a comfortable stay. For one we would want to get them a decent home where their access to materials and resources has to be made easy. In their kitchen, this is also needed. They need a kitchen that they can use without struggles and where they can serve their meals without straining. This now begs for the ideal organization and structuring of the kitchen that fits the needs of the elderly. What if you had initially made a kitchen? No doubt you would need to modify it. How so? In this article, I am going to show you some of the modifications that you can make in a kitchen that will be used by elderly people like grandmas and grandpas.


The floor of the kitchen should be one of the main areas to modify. The floor in the kitchen area can have spills which when not well looked at can lead to accidents due to slips and falls. Use non-slip tiles for the floor. A slippery floor is a threat to everyone leaves alone the elderly. Therefore avoid such a floor that can lead to damages by getting a floor that can counter sleep by applying a slip prevention texture. A floor made of tiles is rigid and the elderly can have a hard time standing on it for a long while. This is because they may have hip or back pain.  Therefore the best floor for the elderly is the vinyl, wood or linoleum. A floor made of such materials prevents accidents and is comfortable for the elderly to stand on. If the elderly person is moving using the wheelchair wood floor will prove to be the best floor for their easy movements.  Therefore making the kitchen area with the right type of floor keeping in mind the challenges the floor can face to the elderly can be the best decision. They really need that.


The kitchen area needs light for you to see the progress of the cooking or even help the elderly see where they are heading. Most elderly people have poor eyesight. Therefore the kitchen is one of their worksites that needs to have a conducive environment. For one avoid too bright lights that will make them strain to open their eyes.  During the day regulate the specific amount of sunlight and balance it with artificial lights so that they get a clear sight of their kitchen. Use average lighting and plan the lighting such that it reaches all the kitchen spaces. Make sure that even the cabinet area has good lights. Illuminate all the kitchen areas even those normally for your home will be dark. Keep in mind that you want their life to be easy.  Switches should be simple and easy to use. Place the switches strategically for them to see. At the entrance of the kitchen have a light that is within reach and easy to locate so that they see where they are heading, otherwise, they would have an accident by stepping on sharp objects.  Automatic light switches work effectively for such purposes. This is because they light automatically whenever someone enters the kitchen. They eliminate the need to keep searching for the switch in the darkroom.

Oven, plates and burners

Heat exposure for elderly people might bring out good results. They may be hurt by excess heat and get sick. The amount of heat you expose your old mother or grandmother can determine the amount of time left for her to live. At times ovens and burners can be a cause of the excess heat even after the cooking was long finished. For you to get the best kitchen area that allows even for the elderly to live handle, have an automatic shut off hot plates, ovens and burners. Choose the best burner that will reduce the heat on the cooking and serving dishes so fats. The main goal is to make the room less hot after cooking and avoid accidents that may result from handling a hot plate.

Use simple controls

Mastering all these new technological tricks for the elderly is a hell of a task. It feels like punishing them. Therefore get the simple controls right from the lighting, to the other kitchenware. Use the cookers with simple knobs that they can master easily. For the fridge find a simple one that has simple handles and that opens with ease. Automatic lights which are common for most fridges will help them see inside the fridge and get what they need. Have pull out shelves for the house cabinet to make them easy to use because these are easy to pull because they roll smoothly.

Large numbers

For the kitchenware and item, location tags use large numbers and letters. The elderly will strain to read small numbers and they may confuse what they need with something else. For example, they might not be able to get the sugar dish that they are looking for. This might end in poor cooking because they might have picked the salt dish and put salt in the coffee. It will be a total mess in the kitchen area if such confusion happens. Tags help but only when the kitchen user can understand what is on the tags. Now make big numbers and letters for the easier and well-achieved result.

Use automatic shut off range motion sensors

For energy saving purposes, having lights that go on and off automatically is an advantage to the elderly people. Therefore they will not have to exploit their pension to get the expensive power and electricity bills. To save on that use automatic lights and automatic hand washers that shut off once they finish working on them. Lights that can sense motions and get on and get off depending on the range of the motion will be the perfect choice for the elderly people’s kitchen. The refrigerator also needs such lights inside it in order to work properly. Once the door is open they should light on to ensure the needed visibility. It rhymes with the trend because the world is full of automation than ever. The elderly will enjoy having these gadgets.

Heat resistant handles

Having ovens and cooking utensils that have heat resistant handles saves the elderly from the big accidents that they may experience. Handles made of plastic might be a choice but it is a consideration to make o how the handles are made. When cooking there is a high need to handle the cooking utensils either when getting them on and off the burners. Therefore there is a high risk of getting the hand burned when the handles are not heat resistant. For the elderly, the burn may take months to heal because they have fewer growths. Therefore taking precautions in advance can be the best practice.

Lower sinks

The depth of the sink and the height of the counter may determine how strainful it may be for the elderly to get to the sink level. The sink is one of the most important areas of the kitchen that cannot be left behind in your remodeling. You need to make sure the sink is not deep and is at a low height. Why? High height might force the elderly step on something to reach while deep sinks will give the elderly a hard time to pick utensils that are at the bottom of the sink. They will have to bend too down, something the elderly should not do due to back pains.

Well-arranged items and equipment

Orderliness in the kitchen helps create the best practice in the kitchen. If everything is kept at a specific location then the elderly will get them with ease. Having racks and categorizing items in terms of calories, serving dishes, cooking tools and serving spoons, then diving the areas to keep them will be the best practice.

Use induction cook top

You may wonder what is induction cooktop is and how it may help the elderly. The induction cooktop is an energy-efficient device that uses electromagnetic fields to heat up a pan while leaving the cooking surface cool to the touch and without heating up the kitchen. Defining an induction cooktop in one sentence mentions at least one advantage. Imagine cooking in a normal room. No heat change and no changes in the temperature that are brought about by the cooking! That is just what everyone would want. The elderly need less heat to their body. Exposure to high heat can make them sick and dehydrated.

The induction cooktop is cook on its outside and it provides the best and ideal environment for the elderly. They are able to get near the kitchen cooking area as often as they want because they cannot suffer from the heat. This cooking gadget has no flame and no radiant heat is produced.

The gadget has fast cooking speed than any other electric or gas cookers and burners. They heat faster and this way they make the work fast for the elderly. One can control the heat and they are known to respond fast to adjustments too. The change is just down right away.

The induction cooktops shut off automatically when there is no pan on them or when the pan on them is empty. What a gadget! You eliminate the possible causes of accidents in the kitchen. The elderly have high chances of forgetting the points on the kitchen cookers without switching off the cooker. This might bring out the tremendous results in the process. Having an induction cooktop is the best choice.

The cooker also eliminates the need for bending to get to the cooking zone. They are in reasonable height that can be used while standing. The cooking is made easy for the elderly because they won’t bother their back by bending and straining to stand every now and then.

The induction cooktop is the best cooking device to use because it uses less power in the house. There is a wide variety of cooking varieties that you can find out there but the induction cooktop is the best of the best. Things are easier for the elderly when they use this type of cooker because they save their pensions for other bothersome activities like their health status.

The knobs are easy to use and they are well labeled .they are simple to control and to learn their working setting. There are different knobs and even the thermometer to keep checking the degree of cooking. This is the perfect one for an elderly person because they need to monitor their cooking and adjust to the right speed.

Kitchen modification for elderly living areas is a must-do thing. The elderly cannot do a variety of things they would do before. They cannot bend for long, stand for long, or act faster therefore the induction cooktop is the best for them.

Seniors cook the best foods

While the elderly need a comfortable life and healthy living, they have to cook the best foods. The best foods that will help them be strong and energetic for living. Therefore it is wise to make their kitchen simple and organized and also well maintained and modified with their picture in mind. The allocation of the kitchenware and the whole kitchen, in general, should just be the ideal simplicity that the aged need. Kitchen modification will just help achieve the right kitchen. Use simple floor that prevents slipping, have automatic lights for all the parts, use low sinks have an induction cooktop as your choice of cooker. This way you will have made a kitchen for the elderly. The right kitchen for the elderly will give them happy living because they cook happily and smoothly.

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