01 – Night Fever (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:00:00
02 – Celebration (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:04:01
03 – Got To Be Real (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:08:12
04 – That’s The Way I Like It (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:12:00
05 – TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:16:17
06 – Upside Down (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:20:18
07 – Never Can Say Goodbye (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:23:36
08 – Hands Up (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:28:17
09 – Que Sera Mi Vida (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:32:29
10 – Bahama Mama (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:36:00
11 – You Should Be Dancing (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:40:17
12 – Off The Wall (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:44:29
13 – Le Freak (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:48:13
14 – Let’s Groove (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:52:04
15 – I’m Caught Up (Fitness Version 120 Bpm) 00:55:55

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On this episode of Pilates, Please we explore stretching exercises for seniors.

As we age, our muscles become shorter and lose their elasticity. To help you remain active and independent it is extremely important to keep muscles strong, even when one cannot walk or move for long periods of time. This is where stretching carries the most benefits for seniors. We want you looking and feeling great at any age.

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Step Aerobics 4 Seniors and Everyone Else is a fun, energetic step workout for baby boomers, seniors and anyone else who likes to do step aerobics to old school funky music.. The exercise moves are easy to do! Nothing complex. You will do some basic step moves with a twist of dance to some of them. But no need to worry. You will have so much fun that you will forget that you are exercising.

As a Active Aging senior I keep my mission to inspire the world to exercise body, soul and spirit. Those blessed with a senior life must be Actively Aging which will help you to age with grace. So get moving.

Benefits of Step Aerobics:
Stress Release
Help Reduce and Prevent Heart Disease
Burn Fat and Calories
Help Lose or Manage Your Weight
Increase Cardiovascular Conditioning
Strengthen Legs
Mood Lifter

Don’t skip exercising today!

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Light and heavy weights should be used alternately to strengthen flabby arms by holding your arms out to from a “T” and rotating them up and down from the shoulder socket. Strengthen the arms gently as demonstrated by a fitness instructor in this free video on exercise.

Expert: Evelyn “Eve” White
Bio: Evelyn “Eve” White has a background in dance, competitive cheerleading, (equine) exercise riding, musical theatre, Alexander Technique, singing, swimming, and diving.
Filmmaker: The Lower Third

Series Description: Exercise is important for senior citizens to help strengthen and add motion to muscles and joints and to improve posture. Learn to safely exercise your body from a fitness instructor in this free video series on exercise.

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Elderly are at high risk for falling. Other factors that may cause a fall are peripheral neuropathy, vision problems, pain, and leg weakness. The best way to prevent a fall is to perform exercises to strengthen your balance reactions and to strengthen the legs. This routine will help to strengthen all of the areas of the body and are essential for maintaining balance.

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Tai chi has been popular for years as a meditative workout regimen that provides both physical and mental benefits. This is a VHS tape released in 1993 the provides a tai chi exercise program aimed at senior citizens. “Special exercises that may relieve symptoms, increase your strength and endurance,” it says on the box.

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You won’t hear these three Australians saying “I’m too old for that!” These seniors are still enjoying their physically demanding passions, and show no signs of slowing down.

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First – you can leave comments and questions for me, (I’m Stef, hi!) here:

If you’re looking for an alternative workout to your strength-building fitness or SilverSneakers class, this will be just the ticket! In this fun and challenging 30 minute do-at-home exercise routine, you’ll work your whole body… all with just a single dumbbell and a chair. While the handweight exercises in the workout are great for beginners or seniors, even intermediate exercisers can benefit by using heavier weights. Also: NO GOING DOWN TO THE FLOOR, YAYYY! Give it a try, then click on the link above and come tell me how it went, I love hearing from you!

Stay well, all! xo

Trainer Stef


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