When gaining a competitive edge, what matters most: years of boozing experience or a youthful lack of concern of personal well-being?

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One’s lower back becomes gradually more important as we grow older, so it’s important to protect it. This short yoga practice introduces poses to help open the spine and strengthen the lower back. This video is just one of many that offers health and wellness tips at

Doreen Oberg, registered nurse and a primary yoga instructor at The Villages Health®, demonstrates several poses to open the spine and strengthen the lower back using yoga, a set of physical, mental and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India.

To begin, lie on your mat with your neck flat, and breathe. Doreen advises practitioners to close their eyes and breathe steadily.

Next, bring your right knee to your chest. Doreen advises that everyone’s bone composition and bone compression are different, so if you can bring the knee closer or can’t bring the knee as close as others, that’s okay. Hold the pose for an additional two breaths, and then release the right knee and simultaneously bring the left knee to the chest.

Doreen advises that yoga is about intention. It’s a good practice to internally say things like “I am healthy,” and “I am grateful” in the present tense to appreciate the moment.

Next, bring both knees to the chest and move them in a circular motion in order to massage the spine and lower back. Then exhale and bring your feet to the floor. Bring your right knee over your left leg, as if you were sitting in a chair. Bring in both legs, pulling from your ankles if possible. This should cause a nice opening feeling in your right hip.

While in the pose, bring your hands to a T position and drop your legs to the left. This should open the spine and lower back and may also stretch your glutes and relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. You may wish to turn your head to the right to increase the stretch.

Bring your legs back to center and reverse them, bringing the left leg over the right knee. Bring in the ankles again and then drop the legs to the right. Bring your arms to a T, and then turn your head to the left.

To release the pose, unwind your legs and bring the knees to your chest, rotating them in a circular motion in order to massage the spine and lower back. Finally, bring your hands under your knees and roll up to a sitting position.

As with most yoga sessions, this practice ends teacher saying the word “Namaste.” Namaste is a respectful Hindi greeting that means, “The light in me sees the light in you.”

Learn more about yoga:

Disclaimer: This content is for entertainment purposes only and it is not meant to be relied on as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult your physician before starting any exercise or dietary program or taking any other action respecting your health. In case of a medical emergency, call 911.

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Défi : 10 min d’exercice par jour pour bouger et faire travailler ses muscles et articulations !
Pour cela, suivez les conseils de Sandra !

Avant de commencer :
Chaussez-vous bien et pensez à une tenue adaptée
N’oubliez pas d’avoir de l’eau à portée de main
Gardez un téléphone portable accessible ou portez votre bracelet de téléassistance
Trouvez un endroit dégagé pour éviter de vous cogner et placez une chaise près de vous
Mais surtout, travaillez à votre rythme !

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David Menzies speaks with a protester who works in a long term care facility, and has some different concerns for senior’s health.
FULL REPORT from David Menzies:

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Romain (5/6) vs Luc (3/6) – Open Seniors Messieurs ASMC – Finale – Match – 16/07/2020
Highlights de la finale Senior Messieurs
Durée réelle du match : 1h45mn
Présentation application WO Tennis par Lou Adler :

Intro Musique Wo Tennis : Cut and Run – Electronic Hard
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Creative Commons Attribution
Source :

Intro Musique Tournoi : Rumble – Bensound
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
Music promoted by Audio Library

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A visit a senior citizen convention.

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Interviews with old people.
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Directed & Shot
by Matt Friedman –

Additional Cinematography by
Chris Rogness –

Thanks to:
Hassan S. Ali –

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Les objectifs de ce programme sont l’amélioration des facteurs d’équilibre et la prévention des chutes et leurs conséquences.
Retrouvez les bonnes sensations de l’équilibre ! Cette vidéo s’adresse à toutes les personnes de plus de 60 ans qui se préoccupent de leur équilibre.
Après une séance de base qui vise le maintien d’une bonne condition physique, différents ateliers sont proposés pour mettre en jeu les réflexes d’équilibration, de vitesse de réaction, de prise d’informations sensorielles, de contact avec le sol.
Le programme est divisé en deux parties :
Une séance de base d’environ 25 minutes axée sur le travail de la souplesse et du renforcement musculaire à pratiquer tous les jours.Sept ateliers spécifiques de 5 minutes environ traitant de l’équilibre et de la coordination. A faire après la séance de base, un différent chaque jour.
– Atelier 1 : déplacement et équilibre
– Atelier 2 : Descendre au sol et se relever
– Atelier 3 : Coordination
– Atelier 4 : Equilibre et manipulation
– Atelier 5 : Déplacement et équilibre
– Atelier 6 : Coordination
– Atelier 7 : Equilibre sur surface instable
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Full length gentle yoga class, perfect for beginners, seniors or just those of you coming back to Yoga or looking for a gentle practice. All you’ll need is a mat.

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Taught by Shelly Nicole from Sovereign Hands Yoga. Follow Sovereign Hands at

Filmed and produced by and

“Rain” from Roomful of Emptiness by Matti Paalanen
“Cylinder Nine” by Chris Zabriskie

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The 15 Best Companion Dogs for Seniors and Retirees

Seniors often deal with loneliness and other health issues. What better way to combat those feelings than by adding a furry friend to their lives? Dogs have been proven to reduce stress, blood pressure, and sadness in their humans.
Many studies have shown that pets can actually help reduce depression and help minimize other health issues. Most older owners of pets often tell us how their life changed for the better after getting their pet dogs. Even though there were some downsides to pet ownership the benefits far outweighed the negatives. However, not all dogs are recommended for seniors and retirees. What’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best 15 dogs for seniors and retirees.

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12. Wow! The Mother Cat Brought Her Baby Kittens to the new residence

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