Take a trip back to Beverly Hills 90210’s senior year with Tai Chi for Seniors!

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There are lots of reasons for Seniors to do Seated #TaiChi. My two favorites are: 1) you can literally do it anywhere that you can find a chair, and 2) now you never have an excuse for NOT getting in a Tai Chi session every day! In this 10-minute seated Tai Chi for Seniors workout, I visit the local park – where (conveniently) there are a bunch of lovely benches to to some Tai Chi on. Notice that you can still do all the basic motions of standing Tai Chi. Your weight shifts from side to side; you twist the waist and hips – and of course you don’t even need to adapt anything about the hands, arms and eyes.

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Tai Chi Over 60 – Seated Exercises For Seniors. A 15-minute seated Tai Chi workout perfect for seniors – or ANYONE at any age. But I’m over 60 myself and a lot of my friends are starting to ask me if it’s possible to do Tai Chi in a chair.

I’ve been reminded a few times lately that you guys are interested in the music I play in my videos. Well, I get all my music from Epidemic Sound ( Today’s tracks are from their Jazz genre.
• In Other Songs, by Franz Gordon
• Remembering Mr T 3, by Martin Carlberg
• Not That Serious, by Peter Sandberg
• A Figure of Speech, by Peter Sandberg

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