18 Home Remodeling Modifications For Senior Citizens

Planning for the future for the seniors is crucial and better action to take. Designing where to live, the place to live when they retire and drawing plans expounding on how they will spend their senior years. But preparing a working plan for the end of those golden years can be very tiring and challenging . Contemplating end-of-life care presents many difficult considerations and decisions that no one wants to think about or make. Despite the difficulty, it’s vital for us to consider making them comfortable at their place. Housing concerns is  one of the vital issues. The house the elderly live could need a few changes make their home easier and safer to live in an move around. Think about things like a ramp at the front door, grab bars in the tub or shower, nonskid floors, more comfortable handles on doors or faucets and better insulation.

More seniors are choosing to age in place than relocating to care giving institutions where they think they will be robbed their independence and dignity. Due to the raised standards of living, the increasing number of aging citizens is becoming more expensive. The advanced technology is making it easier to keep them safe at their houses and more independence as well.

Most seniors have always been around their homes raising their families. This long stay in their homes enhances the bond and they always choose to remain in the home where they have lived and developed bulk of memories. Others go for options of aging in place because  of the cost of retirement communities, their crave for ndependent life and their views about  sacking assisted living. Despite the impossibility of independent living for the seniors, there are multiple changes which can be made available for them in their living environment to make their lives easier and increass the longevity of their comfortable stay in their own homes. By implementing home modifications that support aging in place, today’s seniors are able to maintain their independence, and in the long run, may save a substantial amount of money on senior living.

This article is exploring some of the important tips on home remodeling and modifications that support aging in place. Some are simple adjustments, while others are larger scale projects but their scope is to enhance good stay their homes.

18 General Home Modification Tips

1. Pay attention to aging needs and difficulties

In cases where the aging parent lives alone, family members, friends and neighbors may not be in position to realize the hardships their loved ones are encountering . It is therefore a good act to always, whenever you choose to pay them a visit, to make a point of observing how Mom or Dad gets around the house. Advisories given by the helping personal or health doctor and other health care professionals may provide you with a hint on your parents’ abilities and areas of difficulty. If you can get  concerned, that will be the best time to consider employing a specialist to do assessment.

2. Form a plan

Assessment doing is the first essential step whenever you choose to make a friendly and accommodating home for the elderly. It’s advisable to get to the house, move around noticing the possibility of hazards that could make the senior life more difficult.

3. Get a professional assessment of your home

Comprehensive Home Safety Assessment is normally done by a trained professional. The assessment encompasses evaluating the exterior of the home, all entry areas, every room including bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry room, working space, kitchen and dining room, lighting systems evaluation, fire and electrical safety.

The main objective is to prepare a summary  with recommendations for hazard  prevention and senior safety at the home. Modification to be made are suggested by the advisor giving advisory services concerning the better directives on better devices to install in the house.

4. Clear the excess

Anything which is not useful in the house should be removed to create space.The more space you allow in each of your rooms, the better. The pathways should always be wide open and clear to make sure that the seniors won’t in any case bump into obstacles when they are moving around especially in the rooms where they tend to spend much of their time.

5. Create at least one no-step entry into the home

It is a good idea to afford one of these. There are many other related issues that go beyond the construction work. From the outside , you’ll  need a covered entrance protection from different elements. Also, the drainage has to be advanced to a certain level that matches the walk ways surface want a covered entry to protect you from the elements. And you need good drainage since the doorway will be in  level with the walkway surface just outside the door.

6. Pocket doors may make mobility between rooms possible

The doors are known to be more safe because the widely open living the space free for the seniors to pass. The hinges are not in position to complicate the ease of movement because they are not in position to catch the wheelchairs. Not only will the door be out of the way when opened, the hinge will prevent any catching on wheelchairs.

7. Electric Stair Lifts

Due to demand of safety, the family and friends of the elderly sometimes engage themselves to buying and installing an electric stair lifts. It’s considered one of the safe means to aid shift in case the house is large . A number of the elderly tend to suffer from muscle failure (muscle atrophy) while others become very weak and it becomes a big issue to them. They reach a point where they cannot assist themselves up stairs. Some other times they are scared of falls and getting hurt as they struggle to climb up the stair when they have no one in the house to help them when they fall. The lift upgrade and increases confidence when they are relocating to the complex floors.

8. Look for a contractor to widen doors and hallways

Always focus on comfort of the elderly by enhancing ease of their movement in the house. Consider widening the door and pathways for easy walk and passage of the wheelchairs. In case of small space, consider cutting the wall board. The existing doors can be removed and trimmed to  the desired size.in cases where the switch is fitted on the walls relocating them will be the best idea. This can only run for a short period of time only if you employ qualified and experienced professionals to do the job.

9. Combine your essential rooms onto the first floorHome Remodeling Modifications For Senior Citizen

The elderly are reluctant to move to foreign environment. The best option is there considering to rearrange the rooms. If it becomes a problem for them to make it to the upper floor, they should feel comfortable relocating to the ground floor and making it a home. Consider moving things to the upper floor to create space and wide pathways.

10. Upgrade the lighting throughout the home

It’s too risky for the elderly to climb up to change lighting bulbs. Consider installing long lasting lighting solutions for the seniors. Switching to LED bulbs is a better modification to make. They are rated at life of 5times compared to the incandescent lights.

11. Smooth exterior walkways

 Most outdoor falls  for the seniors occur as a result of poor  surfaces which constructed in such a way that they are not leveled and walkways which are not serviced at all even after they are dismantled. With this in mind, keeping your loved one’s walkways safe is of the most important thing to always mind about. This enhances their freedom of movement and makes them feel comfortable within their homesteads. Anything that may lead to difficulties in movement for the seniors such as shrubbery and trees which have their branches growing toward the pathways should be kept trimmed and off the walkway. If your loved one has a walkway lined with gravel or bark, consider having a curb installed to keep it from finding its way onto the walkway.

12. Build a ramp in addition to, or on top of, your exterior stairs

Wheelchair cannot use the stairs. Building ramp is more safer and enables easy transition as the seniors make their way up floor. With proper planning, a ramp can fit into indoor and outdoor spaces just as well as a traditional staircase, providing visual interest.

13. Replace the toilet

A toilet seat for elderly loved ones prevents embarrassment from needing assistance to go to the bathroom and also going to help themselves. In cases where the seniors are recovering from injuries or have some strain with their joints, to afford to make it up to sitting on the toilet is strenuous and therefore it’s very nice to consider making raised toilets to reduce pain and allow the seniors go to bathroom and toilet independently. Considering their affordable prices, they are cheap and more secure to install for the elderly.

14. Update your cabinets. Replace kitchen cabinets with drawers and pullout shelves

Drawers and pullouts in kitchens are known to be more safe and comfortable with people of any age. People can easily have access to things from the drawer with ease. Having the drawers fitted with transparent glass makes it easier to see what is kept in the draw before deciding to pull. With this drawers, it’s much safer because you select what you want from the drawer while seeing because they are greatly exposed to illumination.

15. Personalized Advice

In case there is an occupational within your reach or you’ve had to engage one, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to help you get started. An occupation therapist is more informed about the different types of functioning of people, in different environments or spaces. This aspect is very essential towards the recommendations that are aimed at enhancing functions and safety in the seniors living environment. Contracting such specialized skills will ensure installation of long lasting solutions for children and the elderly. This may also help save money as you focus on advising purchase of quality devices.

16. Find a more suitable bed

Bed is very essential in the bedroom. Consider buying a bed which is adjustable and probably with ease. This will ensure the elderly are in position to raise the bed to a level where they have less stain to sit on. Considering the sleeping pattern of the aging, the adjustable beds are made in a way that the firmness of the mattress can be adjusted.

17. Make it brighter

Proper lighting helps prevent  visual missteps and prevent falls.Sophisticated lighting design helps to strengthen the feeling of security and increases confidence of the people living in the house when moving about. Elderly people are  free and enthusiastically manage to enjoy a more active involvement in their living environment. You should therefore focus on increasing lighting systems because the ability of light penetrating into the eyes of the elderly reduces with age increases. This therefore calls for increasing the lighting intensity.

18. Opt for floor consistency throughout the home

Few and smooth transitions on the floor are good and comfortable. Once you have to remodel your floor, make sure there are no height differences. This is because the seniors have week power to lift their legs. They drag their legs on the floor and living height deference can result to trip falling. Any saddles hardwood flooring around the doors are risky. It’s a good idea and a safety precaution to consider doing away with them.


Home improvements, repairs and  remodeling are great deals that allow older adults to live a  safe and healthy in their homes for as long as possible while safeguarding their independence and freedom. With the right independent living products, seniors can maintain an independent and safe lifestyle and they tend to be very okay making the caregivers feel less burdened and much more the house  maintain their normal appearances . We should therefore consider installing services which enhance comfort in their usual living environment.










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Grab Bars for Outside Steps

Elderly People Need Grab Bars as safety devices designed to enable a person to maintain balance, lessen fatigue while standing, hold some of their weight while maneuvering, or have something to grab onto in case of a slip or fall. A caregiver may use a grab bag to assist with transferring a patient from one place to another. Today we are going to look at grab bars for outside steps which is mainly to assist the elderly people. Having grab bars for outside steps is one of the greatest ways to make a home safe for older folks, I mean who wouldn’t want their grandparents to feel safe and comfortable at your place. Being able to move up and down a staircase is some we take for granted when we are young. But as we grow older the ability to see, grip and support oneself with a handrail becomes more important. A lot of people add handrails to stairs just to maintain code compliance but it should stick in our heads that the main reason we put handrails is for our safety. No all safety handrails are created equal. A high quality handrail can take much less time and effort to install and be easier to use.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are typically simple piece of equipment that get installed into a wall and help a senior support themselves while they move through activities of daily living .Whether they are installed in a shower, staircase or hallway wall, grab bars offer seniors a safe way to move around while also fostering independence. Essentially these bars allow seniors to grab hold of something to steady themselves as they stand, walk or transition between standing and walking. Especially in  slippery or precarious situations, such as stairs or bathrooms ,grab bars offer peace of mind to caregivers who can assist seniors or allow them to perform activities of daily living alone but safely.

Why Elderly People Need Grab Bars

Grab bars provide multiple health benefits such as:

  • Elderly people are prone to falls around the home, particularly in the bathroom which is usually wet and slippery .The fear of falling could deter a lot of elderly people from using the bathroom as often as they would like to, especially when they do not have human support around them. Installing grab bars in the bathroom and toilet can give them the confidence they need to use the bathroom freely and even go take a stroll in their surroundings
  • More importantly, most cases of falls in the elderly are accompanied by multiple health complications such as fractures, bed sores, depression and many others. Preventing falls by using grab bars is indirectly preventing all these complications.

Elderly Users Need Safety Handrails for Outdoor Steps

When you are installing a handrail for an elderly person it is not about aesthetics or code of compliance. It is about making life easier and more convenient for them therefore you need to look at everything from the view of a person with limited mobility. Specifically you need to think about:

Rail width-Most people do not think twice about the width of the handrail when they go to add one to a railing. However if you had hands that were weakened from arthritis, gripping a slippery rail or one that is thin would be difficult. Use a thick rail made of a material that is not too shiny like powder-coated aluminum or iron. This makes the railing easier to grip

Pitch-very steep stair treads lead to very steep rails. The maximum rise should be about eight inches and your tread should be about at least ten. If you are pushing the limits of the code, your railing is going to be pretty steep for old users. And if your stairs are too steep, just adding a strong railing is not going to help. In this case, you will have to redo the stairs or set up a mobility lift chair. This is not an issue you can fix with a railing. Keeping this in mind also helps keep stair railings and stairs safe in winter, when most falls happens for older folks.

Hardware Stability-A young, healthy person will probably either not use the railing at all, or will only put their hand on it as a guide. But someone walking with a cane or with limited mobility is going to need to support their body weight on the rail .Use strong anchor based railings to ensure that the railing does not go wobbly because of this

Add grab bars near exterior doorsElderly People Need Grab Bars

Grab bars aren’t just helpful in the bathroom; they’re also useful near exterior doors both inside and out. For people who are unsteady on their feet, the simple act of opening a door can prove to be very difficult. A grab bars gives them something to hang onto near house and garage entrances and steps. The prima outdoor grab bar shown is made of weatherproof plastic with an aluminum core and special soft grip moldings that reduce the risk of a user’s hands slipping even when it’s wet. It can mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Install Handrails in Hallways

Long hallways can be tough on people with limited mobility, which is the reason so many senior care centers have continuous handrail systems. Consider adding the same safety feature at home. You can install a simple wooden railing or consider the Promen Aid handrail system, a problem-solving product that has a unique bracket that slides along an open channel in the bottom of the handrail. This lets you locate the handrail anywhere and slide the brackets to wherever studs are located without adding extra blocking. The brackets also pivot so you can install the handrail vertically or at an angle. These elegant handrails have Snap-On end caps and returns, and the articulating joints allow them to go around corners or along stairs .You can buy complete kits or individual components.

Extend Stair Rails

The handrails for exterior stairs typically end at the bottom step. But stepping off the bottom or preparing to step on them is actually when someone is the most off balance and likely to fall down. Simple rail handrail kits from simplified Building make it easy for DIY’s to build an extended handrail that fits any stairway. The kits use Kee Klamp pipe fittings and come with all the components needed. A  Kee Klamp is a structural pipe fitting commonly used in the construction of handrails and barriers .Fabricated installations comprise the fittings and separate tubing components, which can be sized on site.

Replace Doorknobs with Levers

Gripping and twisting a doorknob can be hard for people with arthritis or a loss of dexterity in their hands. Lever handles solve that problem. You simply press done on the lever to release the door latch without gripping anything, In fact, an elbow or forearm will work too, which is nice when you’re carrying things. Many lever handles are reversible which means they will fit both a right handed or left handed door.

Door Frame Grab Rails

Doors are often fitted with doorsteps creating a difference in height. Extra support may be required for a user to cross such a doorstep but the question is often where such support can be securely installed and still within easy reach. Handicare’s door frame grab rail has been specially designed to be installed on a door frame, the extremely narrow flange is only 30 mm wide.

Vertical Grab Rails for Door Panels

Vertical grab for door panels are aesthetic and provide greater comfort when opening and closing doors .The position of the grab bar can be adjusted either to specific needs or an owner’s wishes. The door grab can be used on the front doors of houses, residential units, office, multipurpose building and at other places. Vertical grab rails are worth it because vertical handles eliminate the diagonal stress on the anchor points to make the handle firmer and thus more resistant to shakiness and also there is more space for hands near the lock to make unlocking the door more convenient.

A Shower Grab Bar is a Big Help

For people with limited mobility or who prefer to shower while seated, a handheld shower head is a terrific help. And even better is a handheld shower head on a sliding rail that allows for individual adjustment. But because those rails are often flimsy, grabbing one could be a disaster.

Widen Doorways with Offset Hinges

Navigating narrow doorways is tough for someone using a wheelchair or walker. Doorways can be widened but it is a complex and costly job. An easier solution is to replace the existing hinges with expandable offset door hinges .These special hinges are designed to swing the door clear of the opening and add 2” inches of clearance.

Replace Toggle Switches with Rocker Switches

It is easier for stiff or arthritic hands to press flat, rocker-style switches than to manipulate toggles. Rocker switches feature a big on and off plate that you can operate with a finger, a knuckle or even an elbow. Some rocker switches are illuminated to make them easy to find day or night. These great little inventions use a tiny bit of electricity from the circuit they err no on to light a small LED or neon bulb and they install as easily as regular switches.

Replace Cabinet Knobs with Handles

Arthritis and stiff joints make grabbing small round knobs on cabinet drawers and door difficult too. Replace these small knobs with C or D shaped pulls which let you tuck your fingers around them, making it easier to open the door or drawer. Consider this for your own kitchen too. Adding new pulls and handles is a quick, inexpensive way to update a kitchen while making it more comfortable and convenient to use over the long term.

Install Invisible Grab Bars

Sometimes people are reluctant to add grab bars because they think it will make their home look institutional. But you can find stylish and sturdy grab bars in many shapes and sizes and finishes and some like those elegant invisia collection.

Add a Rolling Cart to Your Kitchen

A rolling cart is helpful in any kitchen but it is especially helpful for older cooks. It is a convenient prep center and models with drawers or shelves allow someone to store frequently used items and roll it around so their tools are always close at hand. And it can be extremely useful for someone with diminished strength or dexterity to ferry items to and from the table without the risk of dropping things or injuring themselves.

Install Low-Pile Carpet

Thick carpet pile over a thick pad is the worst for anyone who is unstable walking because it increases the likelihood of tripping and falling. It also makes it more difficult to push and maneuver wheelchairs and walkers. To make getting around easier, consider installing a low profile commercial grade carpet with a pile height.

Get LED light bulbs

The average home has 40 light bulbs. Changing a burnt out bulb often involves climbing a ladder or step tool and risking a nasty fall. If you replace those light bulbs with CFLs or even better LEDs there is a good chance they will never have to be changed again in that homeowner’s lifetime. A vertical post light is installed directly on a railing post and uses a small light casing and simple installation. Universal lights can be used different locations and configurations on the other hand a surface light is sunk down flush with the surface of a stair tread or riser. It allows for easier navigation as it fully lights the stair surface, keeping elderly individuals from missing their footing.

In conclusion, when constructing buildings and staircases one should have in mind that there exists the elderly who do not have complete mobility as the younger people. They should always have grab bars around the house and outside the house to facilitate the movement of the older folks so that they may feel free to move around.


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