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Finding total body seated strength workouts for seniors has never been easier. There are hundreds, if not thousands of videos, articles, and images demonstrating the essential movements needed to maintain a healthy and strong body. The human body consists of around 650 muscles and 206 bones in which the muscles attach themselves to produce force for daily functions.

As we age, we begin to lose muscle mass if we don’t do anything to counter this process known as sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is a natural part of aging in which all humans will experience starting after age 30. people who lead a sedentary lifestyle begin to lose as much as 3% to 5% per decade. Even if you are active, you will still experience some muscle loss.

Getting strong and healthy is the most important thing you can do as you age. Just because you lose some muscle, it doesn’t mean you can’t get some of it back. Finding workouts that designed specifically with seniors in mind should be on the top of your list with no time or muscle to waste.

As a Senior, you should incorporate 150 minutes of moderate endurance and strengthening activities into your week. These exercises can include walking, swimming, cycling, and some weight training each day to improve strength, flexibility, and balance.

Not to mention the importance of building your immune system along with increased strength in your bones to avoid fractures and dangerous falls. Applying this total body seated strength workout for seniors will significantly improve your ability to function throughout the day without feeling fatigued and low on energy.

Donovan Green’s Chair workouts have been teaching members how to get fit while they sit without stepping foot in a gym or causing harm to the body for over 20 years.

This total-body strength workout for seniors is an excellent way for you to get started with increasing your strength. The demonstrated in this workout puts a lot of focus on building total-body strength with an emphasis on increasing cardiovascular endurance, stability, mobility, and flexibility.

You won’t need expensive gym equipment to get started. All you will need is a sturdy chair, dumbbells, or two can of beans, as demonstrated in the video.

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