Yoga for Seniors by Javier Salinas | PART 1

Yoga for seniors is a special tutorial by the Barcelona based yoga master Javier Salinas with exercises developed for adults of all ages and especially for seniors. Yoga is good for everyone and no matter how old you are – Yoga helps to reduce pain, fatigue and is also an easy way combating stress. In this video I also show you some yoga poses to increase strength, power and balance to reduce the risk of fall-related injuries. We all want to feel young and yoga is a form of exercise that gives seniors and people who don’t move their body very often the feeling of youth and flexibility.

I show you some simple yoga poses for every day that will help you to feel your own power and the quality of life. This video is perfect for beginners – explore your body and always listen to your body’s limits. Even when the poses look easy you may not be able to perform all the poses or hold them for very long – but if you do your best, it’s beautiful and perfect!
When you feel to go on with more advanced practice choose the second video “Yoga for Seniors PART 2” and after this “Yoga for beginners” is waiting for you.
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